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“I would like to recommend Dave Enns (Dave the Horn Guy) as a library performer.  Our district has a strong tradition of using high quality, paid performers and our audiences give us wonderful feedback all the time.  Yet in doing this for 25 years, I don’t think I have ever heard such “buzz” as that generated by Dave Enns’ performances.    Unfortunately, my schedule prevented me from personally seeing him but our staff and public alike were full of glowing compliments about the uniqueness of his show and the visual and auditory appeal to a wide range of children and adults.
In fact after the first show of a back-to-back performance, several members of our management team heard such great comments from staff, they rushed down to see the second show.  This is not a common occurrence!
I wish we had discovered him earlier as we would definitely use him again.   I believe we were his first public library audience and I found him easy to work with and very willing to adapt to the circumstances of a public library. 
I thought I should pass along this recommendation to you for consideration as he is well worth the money if you want a very splashy show.”
Vicki Fox
Children’s Services Manager


“I highly recommend Dave the Horn Guy as an outstanding presenter for library programs. Dressed in an orange jumpsuit with 25 horns strapped to his body, Dave delivers an interactive, multimedia, musical experience like no other. Our entire audience was riveted from beginning to end. Young toddlers were fascinated, parents and staff members were impressed and even skeptical teens just couldn’t help but be entertained. Dave is as charismatic as he is talented. He is a true professional who is able to translate his enthusiasm and creativity into a family-friendly event that is top notch. Ready to make some noise about how much fun the library can be? Call Dave the Horn Guy. What a wonderfully original and entertaining library program for all ages!
Jennifer Roy
Children’s Librarian 

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