Dave the Horn Guy is Dave Enns, a musician’s musician and a guy with a lot of horns.

His innovative spirit and musical genius have led him to perform all over the country, from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to major sporting event half time shows and national corporate events.

Full time musical efforts have found him to be a Billboard recognized songwriter, a studio musician, an orchestrater of over 200 songs, a regular giggin’ trombone/piano player, singer, and a founder/producer of an award-winning urban acappella group. He’s combined these experiences with 25 chromatically tuned bulb-horns, custom made from a top-of-the-line German horn maker to create “Dave the Horn Guy.”

2 honks on how it all began…Inspiration from an online video clip… purpose for some comic relief in a church Christmas show… Dave purchased 10 standard bicycle horns from the bike aisle (Wal-mart). He cut them all in half, fussed with the reeds, found some vinyl tube length (Home Depot), and made a scientific chart to achieve one major scale…plus a few blue notes.Dave added some straps, zip ties, eyelets, key rings, fasteners, hose clamps, and bands to hold the horns in place. Arm pits, knee pits, neck pit, elbow pits, back, shins, chest, thighs, and more. All ready to go, he put together a kickin’ version of Jingle Bells that provided an adrenaline rush of amazement and laughs.

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